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BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Jul 09 2013 Published by under BlueHost

bluehost-wordpress-hostingWith a hosting history spanning more than 15 years, BlueHost is one of the most superior and highly recommended hosting companies around. From their superb customer service reputation, to the world class technology they have available, BlueHost is the first choice for all your hosting needs and an officially recommended hosting site by WordPress.

The BlueHost WordPress hosting service allows you to install multiple WordPress sites on the same hosting account (up to 100) without any difficulty.  Overall, their sites are not only known to work flawlessly, but their performance is outstanding.

Another great advantage of the BlueHost WordPress hosting service is their SimpleScripts one-click installs. This enables you to install WordPress with the simple click of a button, and enables you to spin up new blogs or test sites with super-fast efficiency.

The customer is also provided with cPanel, which is an icon-based control panel. This enables the customer to manage files and MySQL databases easily.

BlueHost WordPress hosting provides higher security and fast access speed, with an average page loading speed of 1.2 seconds.  The integration of CloudFlare CDN service into the control panel means the loading speed could be even faster.

Other technical features include:

  • Apache mod_rewrite is installed by default
  • PHP memory limit is set at 128MG by default but can be increased if required
  • PHP run as suPHP for better WordPress security
  • BlueHost web sites are configured to the maximum available RAM, RAID-10 fast storage and PHP Caching

Not only is WordPress the best blogging software available, it also serves as a fully functional CMS. WordPress is very customizable, allowing it to even be used in e-commerce sites. It is ‘web standards friendly’, so if your knowledge of code is limited, there is no need to worry – for the best performance and SEO, WordPress outputs standards friendly code.

BlueHost WordPress hosting service currently hosts over 850,000 WordPress blogs all over the world. The advantages of using BlueHost WordPress are not only its power, versatility and the fact that it is easy to use, but also due to the features included in the BlueHost WordPress package and its competitive price. For a small monthly fee, some of the features you will receive are unlimited space and bandwidth; unlimited email accounts; free domain name; anytime money back guarantee; and the excellent 24/7 customer support service that averages less than 30 seconds on hold time when you call, and 100% of their staff are on site, so whatever issue you may have can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.  There are also automated backups of not only your files, but also of your databases, which is an exceptional added advantage.

BlueHost currently host millions of domains worldwide, and because they have their own datacentres, build their own centers, have their own nationwide fiber network and build their own custom Linux kernel, they therefore handle all the aspects of your hosting, so you can be confident in using them as your hosting provider.

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