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BlueHost Promo Codes – Helping You Save Money

May 26 2013 Published by under BlueHost

bluehost-promo-code BlueHost promo codes are almost always available to BlueHost customers because offering discounts to new customers will help to convince them to try the service. Customers are always looking for the most cost effective rates for services and when there is a company that can offer low rates for services combined with reliability it will make the customer more likely to want to try the services.

BlueHost is well known in the hosting industry for reliable hosting services that have excellent uptime, many features and quality technical support. The services are currently used by millions of customers around the world and they are one of the only hosting providers to have 3 datacenters in order to provide extra protection against potential issues related to downtime.

BlueHost is designed for all different types of customers from the smallest site owner with a personal blog to large businesses running ecommerce sites or managing multiple websites. They are able to handle this wide variety of customers by offering their services in a single starter package and then allowing customers to add upgrades to their packages.

BlueHost has a number of features with their hosting services that include unlimited email accounts and disk space, unlimited bandwidth, a domain name and a free dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for business customers. BlueHost strives to keep its customers happy by offering more features that customers at other hosting providers often have to pay extra for. This also ensures that customers stick with their services by making sure that everything is hosted with BlueHost so that the customer cannot easily switch over to another hosting provider without having to put in some work.

BlueHost promo code users are even savvier because they are getting a discount on these services that are already priced well below the competition. Using a BlueHost promo code and can help the user to save money on a long term contract with the company and reduce their costs for web hosting over the long term. Percentage discounts make a huge difference when they are applied to a yearlong or even two year long hosting contract.

Small business owners have been switching over to BlueHost and have been looking for promo codes. So a number of websites make these promo codes available in order to get more customers to try BlueHost’s services, just as there are HostGator coupon websites, or discount sites for any number of other hosting companies.  After entering a promo code, a new BlueHost user can be up and running in just a few minutes if they want to because of the fact that BlueHost makes it easy to set up a simple website with their site builder or install WordPress by using the features inside of the cPanel hosting account management software.

BlueHost is always changing the coupon codes that they offer so it is a good idea to check with the company directly or search around on the web for new coupon codes in order to ensure that you are able to receive the discounts from a coupon code once you locate one to use to sign up.

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