BlueHost Coupon: Get a Discount

Jun 17 2013

bluehost-couponIf you have made the decision to use BlueHost’s services, the next step would be to find a BlueHost coupon. BlueHost coupons will allow you to reduce the costs of using BlueHost’s services and can save you a lot of money if you are going to be signing up for a longer term commitment with BlueHost. The discount coupons are almost always available and you will get access to the same features another customer is probably paying full price for.

Discounts with BlueHost are always better if you are going to be signing up for a longer term contract. For example if the discount is done as a percentage, and you are signing up for a long term contract of 24 months, that is going to be a better deal than just using the coupon to give you a discount on a one year contract. Many people do not like to sign up for long term contracts but you should think about it carefully before you make the commitment because you will likely not get the opportunity to use a discount coupon again to save on hosting services as an existing customer.

The savings vary and there are always different coupons available for BlueHost, so it is best to do some research on the web to find coupons. You will likely want to find a percentage off coupon rather than a set amount off coupon if you are going to be spending a lot of money with BlueHost so that you can save more money. BlueHost costs for hosting are already some of the best in the business so you are already getting a great deal on hosting services even without using the coupon.

Even if you are using a discount coupon, BlueHost still allows you to be eligible for their money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services and want to cancel your contract. BlueHost offers this money back guarantee to all of their customers that sign up with them to ensure that customers are satisfied with their services in order to maintain their reputation as a reliable hosting services provider.

However with most customers unless something serious goes wrong with your site while using their services it is unlikely that you will need to worry about canceling the contract unless you have decided to switch to another hosting provider for some other reason. BlueHost web hosting services have received high ratings for reliability in terms of continuous uptime as well as for helpful and knowledgeable customer service people that are always available to answer questions.

Even now you are probably wondering how to get the discount codes. Just make sure first that you have really read the fine print and understand all of the costs that will be associated with signing up for web hosting services with BlueHost or any other web hosting provider so that you will have all of the tools that you need to run your business. If you need something later with BlueHost you can simply contact the customer support and they will help with the upgrades.

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BlueHost Drupal Hosting

Sep 01 2013

bluehost-drupalWhat better recommendation for a hosting company than one that comes from itself? BlueHost currently hosts over 85,000 Drupal sites. With over 5000 servers, 3 data centers and a staff of 500, they can out-service, out-price and out-speed the competition. The features, plans, price and support that BlueHost provides far exceeds any other hosting company. In fact, some of the features of a BlueHost plan include an Anytime Money Back Guarantee, unlimited space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and a free domain name.

With over 16 years experience in hosting, BlueHost holds an excellent reputation throughout the Drupal community, since they released their SimpleScripts for 1-Click Drupal website installation in 2008.

The shared Linux hosting solutions provided by BlueHost are 100% compatible with Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. They also offer Apache 2.2.22 and MySQL 5.1.61 in its web servers which are highly recommended versions from the Drupal community.

Other technical features include:

  • Free Domain name
  • Unlimited Drupal websites can be hosted on 1 account
  • CPU segregation technology
  • PHP, MySQL 5, SSH, Url Rewrite module etc.
  • Up to 256MB PHP memory_limit and suPHP for better hosting security
  • cPanel and SimpleScripts for 1-Click Drupal installation
  • 24/7 Drupal technical support

Drupal provides superior content management, and powers millions of websites worldwide.  Its easy to use tools allow you to not only create your website, but organize and manage the content as well.  Thanks to its community of developers, Drupal is one of the most secure CSM tools you will find.

BlueHost is one of the fastest shared hosting providers available, with an uptime of 99.9%. Their powerful web servers and their network and internet structure makes BlueHost one of the most reliable and efficient Drupal hosting companies.  The experience and knowledge of their free technical support staff set them apart from everyone else, which is one of the main reasons why BlueHost Drupal Hosting has such a superb reputation for being one of the best.

With the outstanding features associated with BlueHost, including the second-to-none support they provide, you can be certain it is the right hosting company for your Drupal needs.  The price of the BlueHost plans cannot be beaten, and it is certainly the best value for money. Currently there is a special offer of $4.95 per month, whereas the usual monthly cost is still only $6.95. Despite the low costs, BlueHost do not skim on any of the features and support.  In actuality, what they provide for that low cost each month is far more than most of the other hosting companies.  You also receive $100 worth of Google advertising credits, which is a great advantage to any small business owner.

Since being founded in 1996, BlueHost has become the fastest growing and most successful web hosting company. This year alone, they undertook upgrading their software and hardware components, thereby improving their service even further, and at no additional cost to their customers.  Taking this into account, along with all the other positive features, it’s no wonder that BlueHost Drupal Hosting is impossible to beat.

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BlueHost vs. DreamHost

Aug 03 2013

bluehost-vs-dreamhostAs a blogger, a small or home based business, the decision of which hosting company to use can be a difficult one, as there are so many to choose from.  BlueHost and DreamHost are two of the most popular hosting companies, and whilst they offer similar packages, there are differences between the two that could be the deciding factor in which one to use.

BlueHost in Brief

BlueHost was founded in 1996, and is based in Utah, with over 5000 servers, 3 data centers, and over 500 in house staff to assist with any queries or issues.  They currently host millions of sites, and over 850,000 blog sites. Their reputation for efficiency and customer service far exceeds any other hosting company.

DreamHost in Brief

Back in 1997, DreamHost was launched by 4 Computer Science undergraduates at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont.  What started as a single Pentium 100 web server and a shared bandwidth has now grown to a company with 1500 servers, more than 100 employees, and currently hosts more than 1 million domains.


One of the great features BlueHost includes in its professional web hosting plan is the use of cPanel, which enables the customer to manage their site easily and efficiently. DreamHost on the other hand, developed their own custom control panel which is not as modern as cPanel and is more difficult to use.

The BlueHost plan also includes unlimited disk space, monthly bandwidth, add-on domains, MySQL databases, hosting websites, and email usage, as well as a free Domain name, an easy to use site builder, 24/7 customer support service and $100 Google AdWords credits.  You also receive a free SSL certificate with BlueHost, something which is an additional charge with DreamHost.  Whilst DreamHost plans have similar features to BlueHost plans, the main differences are in Price and Support.

Currently, BlueHost is offering their plan for a special price of $4.95 per month, with free instant set up and all of the features you could want or need.  Their standard price is only $6.95 per month, and their pricing varies depending on how long you sign up for. There is also an Anytime Money Back Guarantee.  For a similar plan, DreamHost is currently charging $8.95 per month, plus a set up fee of $49.95. They also have a money back guarantee that is valid for 97 days.

Aside from the features and pricing options, the other service that sets BlueHost above DreamHost is their Support service.  Their 500 + in-house support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by telephone, email and chat.  Their telephone service boasts an incredible average of 30 seconds on hold.  This means that there is no waiting for answers to your queries or issues, which can be invaluable.  DreamHost however have a much smaller staff base, and not all of the customer support services are free.  This can result in long delays in getting the support you need to keep your site running effectively.

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BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Jul 09 2013

bluehost-wordpress-hostingWith a hosting history spanning more than 15 years, BlueHost is one of the most superior and highly recommended hosting companies around. From their superb customer service reputation, to the world class technology they have available, BlueHost is the first choice for all your hosting needs and an officially recommended hosting site by WordPress.

The BlueHost WordPress hosting service allows you to install multiple WordPress sites on the same hosting account (up to 100) without any difficulty.  Overall, their sites are not only known to work flawlessly, but their performance is outstanding.

Another great advantage of the BlueHost WordPress hosting service is their SimpleScripts one-click installs. This enables you to install WordPress with the simple click of a button, and enables you to spin up new blogs or test sites with super-fast efficiency.

The customer is also provided with cPanel, which is an icon-based control panel. This enables the customer to manage files and MySQL databases easily.

BlueHost WordPress hosting provides higher security and fast access speed, with an average page loading speed of 1.2 seconds.  The integration of CloudFlare CDN service into the control panel means the loading speed could be even faster.

Other technical features include:

  • Apache mod_rewrite is installed by default
  • PHP memory limit is set at 128MG by default but can be increased if required
  • PHP run as suPHP for better WordPress security
  • BlueHost web sites are configured to the maximum available RAM, RAID-10 fast storage and PHP Caching

Not only is WordPress the best blogging software available, it also serves as a fully functional CMS. WordPress is very customizable, allowing it to even be used in e-commerce sites. It is ‘web standards friendly’, so if your knowledge of code is limited, there is no need to worry – for the best performance and SEO, WordPress outputs standards friendly code.

BlueHost WordPress hosting service currently hosts over 850,000 WordPress blogs all over the world. The advantages of using BlueHost WordPress are not only its power, versatility and the fact that it is easy to use, but also due to the features included in the BlueHost WordPress package and its competitive price. For a small monthly fee, some of the features you will receive are unlimited space and bandwidth; unlimited email accounts; free domain name; anytime money back guarantee; and the excellent 24/7 customer support service that averages less than 30 seconds on hold time when you call, and 100% of their staff are on site, so whatever issue you may have can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.  There are also automated backups of not only your files, but also of your databases, which is an exceptional added advantage.

BlueHost currently host millions of domains worldwide, and because they have their own datacentres, build their own centers, have their own nationwide fiber network and build their own custom Linux kernel, they therefore handle all the aspects of your hosting, so you can be confident in using them as your hosting provider.

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BlueHost Promo Codes – Helping You Save Money

May 26 2013

bluehost-promo-code BlueHost promo codes are almost always available to BlueHost customers because offering discounts to new customers will help to convince them to try the service. Customers are always looking for the most cost effective rates for services and when there is a company that can offer low rates for services combined with reliability it will make the customer more likely to want to try the services.

BlueHost is well known in the hosting industry for reliable hosting services that have excellent uptime, many features and quality technical support. The services are currently used by millions of customers around the world and they are one of the only hosting providers to have 3 datacenters in order to provide extra protection against potential issues related to downtime.

BlueHost is designed for all different types of customers from the smallest site owner with a personal blog to large businesses running ecommerce sites or managing multiple websites. They are able to handle this wide variety of customers by offering their services in a single starter package and then allowing customers to add upgrades to their packages.

BlueHost has a number of features with their hosting services that include unlimited email accounts and disk space, unlimited bandwidth, a domain name and a free dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for business customers. BlueHost strives to keep its customers happy by offering more features that customers at other hosting providers often have to pay extra for. This also ensures that customers stick with their services by making sure that everything is hosted with BlueHost so that the customer cannot easily switch over to another hosting provider without having to put in some work.

BlueHost promo code users are even savvier because they are getting a discount on these services that are already priced well below the competition. Using a BlueHost promo code and can help the user to save money on a long term contract with the company and reduce their costs for web hosting over the long term. Percentage discounts make a huge difference when they are applied to a yearlong or even two year long hosting contract.

Small business owners have been switching over to BlueHost and have been looking for promo codes. So a number of websites make these promo codes available in order to get more customers to try BlueHost’s services, just as there are HostGator coupon websites, or discount sites for any number of other hosting companies.  After entering a promo code, a new BlueHost user can be up and running in just a few minutes if they want to because of the fact that BlueHost makes it easy to set up a simple website with their site builder or install WordPress by using the features inside of the cPanel hosting account management software.

BlueHost is always changing the coupon codes that they offer so it is a good idea to check with the company directly or search around on the web for new coupon codes in order to ensure that you are able to receive the discounts from a coupon code once you locate one to use to sign up.

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